CINNA (Central Informative Nodes in Network Analysis) is an R package for computing, analyzing and comparing centrality measures. It has all useful functions in centrality network analysis. By using CINNA, researchers would be able to distinguish and calculate all proper centralities based on the network structure. Additionally, they can detect which centrality measures can discover real central nodes of the network more accurately. In the other words, they can choose the most appropriate centrality measure which is most informative about influential nodes. Moreover, CINNA has provided some visualization functions for graph visualization based on centrality, comparing cenralities values and also evaluation of nodes in all centralitie’s values. This package can be used in R environment platform. CINNA is now available on CRAN repository, to download it, please click here.

In the case of facing problems, please contact to the maintainer at: m_ashtiani[at]pasteur[dot]ac[dot]ir .
How to cite:
Please refer to “Ashtiani M, Mirzaie M, Razaghi-Moghadam Z, Hennig H, Wolkenhauer O, Salehzadeh-Yazdi A, et al. Revisiting the General Concept of Network Centralities: A Propose for Centrality Analysis in Network Science. bioRxiv. 2017:149492,DOI: 10.1101/149492”.